Long story short: Hostel of Love is inspired by the most powerful force in the whole universe – Love. We help loving couples to pierce through the complications of the worldly bureaucracies to get married.


Hello, we are Cristiane and Ashish. Inspired by our own story, we decided to start the Hostel of Love! Finding the love of your life and then marrying them should be a piece of cake. But in our unfortunately bureaucratic world sometimes the reality is a little different. And a bit bitter. Especially in case of international couples like us.

Months of struggling-to-get-all-the-paperwork-in-place later, we now have a pretty good idea of how to get international couples married in India. It probably won’t be easy. But it sure will be exciting.

We offer to help you get your paperwork in place. Although we have a solid knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, we can’t guarantee for the accuracy. That can vary greatly from country-to-country, embassy-to-embassy. Although we do have a strong case to get an intercultural wedding of an Indian and a German citizen through successfully.


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A Quaint Location: Varanasi

River Ganga and the Ghats of Varanasi
River Ganga and the Ghats of Varanasi

Varanasi is an ancient city located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, merely 250 km from Nepal! Known as the cultural and religious hub of Hinduism, it is one of the world’s oldest and one of India’s most famous and touristic cities. A visit to this holy city is often referred to by westerners as a ‘magical experience’, with many travellers longing to return at a future time. It attracts domestic travellers and pilgrims on a regular basis.

Getting married in Varanasi will truly be a special experience!


Wedding Venue: International Travellers’ Hostel

Hostel Entrance Graffiti

Hostel of Love essentially is a romantic name for International Travellers’ Hostel situated in Varanasi, India. This is where we met when Cristiane checked into the hostel during her volunteering programme at a local NGO. Ashish, the owner, checked her in, and the rest is a fairytale!

ITH is where your wedding will be hosted. We will arrange everything for you – the ritual ceremonies, reception & dinner and accommodation for up to 30 guests. Additional guests can be accommodated in nearby lodgings.


The Accommodation

You can curate your stay arrangements per your liking. Check out our rooms here: Rooms