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Traditional Indian weddings can extend for days. A typical Hindu wedding lasts for up to 3 days with the actual wedding ceremony lasting for over 4 hours! But there’s a shorter way out there, and that’s what we took as well – the Arya Samaaj (Aryan Society) Wedding.


Typical Wedding Rights & Rituals

Momentum usually picks with the arrival of the relatives and the closest of friends at the respective bride’s and groom’s houses. The following 3 days are henceforth celebrated, usually starting with Haldi (cleansing of the bodies of the bride and the groom with turmeric paste) in daytime and Sangeet (musical night) in the evening. The next day belongs to the actual wedding – Hawan (offering prayers to Gods in front of the fire) & Phera (circling of the fire holding it the witness to the wedding), followed by Reception (newly weds meet and dine with the guests) the day after.

Things can vary greatly among the different regions of the country. We follow the customs of Uttar Pradesh, the state where we belong. Besides, we will wrap it all up in a single day.


Hindu Wedding (4+ hours)

The actual wedding ceremony (Hawan & Phera) can last for over 4 hours!


Aryan Wedding (1 hour)

What usually extends typically for over 4 hours, an Aryan wedding wraps it up in a single hour. This is the one we are offering you.

We figured since the ceremonies are conducted in Sanskrit, you will probably understand nothing (unless of course you know the language), and hence it doesn’t make sense for you to sit for hours listening to the priest’s chanting. If you insist though, we can surely arrange a Hindu wedding for you. In this case, just e-mail us requesting quotation!


Germany Weds India
A Bureaucratic Guide

Download our comprehensive guide to deal with the Indo-German bureaucracies.

This is a consolidated 2-page guide to help you deal with the obtuse bureaucracies that the governments impose. Buying this guide is NOT obligatory. If you think we deserve it, consider this purchase a gift. Else, just send us an email requesting it and we’ll send the PDF over to you!



Wedding Packages

Religious Wedding
Excludes legal formalities
Get your formalities done at home, ceremony with us.
Legal Formalities in the court of Varanasi (including legal marriage certificate)
Religious Ceremony
Dinner Party
Wedding Shopping Assistance
Civil + Religious Wedding
Covers everything
We take care of your legal formalities and the ceremony.
Legal Formalities in the court of Varanasi (including legal marriage certificate)
Religious Ceremony
Dinner Party
Wedding Shopping Assistance


*Our package covers accommodation costs of up to 10 days. It is also noteworthy that at least one of the partners has to be a resident of Varanasi (temporary or permanent) for at least one month to be eligible to apply to get married. We’ll discuss more on this once you get in touch. Naturally all prices mentioned are per couple.

All wedding packages coming soon!


List of Documents Required for Legal Formalities

  1. Passport (along with a valid tourist visa for non-Indians)
  2. Proof of Residence
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. 4 Passport Size Photos
  5. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the respective Embassies (in case of non-Indian nationals)*

*The court of Varanasi will require an NOC from your embassy, for which some embassies may require additional documents. For this you will have to contact your local court authority at your local residence abroad, e.g. Germany issues the Ehefähigkeitszeugniss (proof of marriage eligibility).


Minimum Marriageable Age in India

The minimum age to get married in India:

• for the Bridegroom is 21 years

• for the Bride is 18 years



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